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Our Services



We make the entire experience as smooth as possible with our organization and management, including:

  • Action plan personalized for you

  • Downsizing assistance with many options for dispersal   and liquidation

  • Packing and unpacking your precious belongings and   treasures

  • Room arrangement/Closet management

  • Decorating Assistance/Furniture/Accessory


We specialize in providing complete concierge relocation management services for discerning clientele.


Plan and Organize

Overwhelmed with “stuff”? We have the solutions! Action Plan suited to your situation Floor Planning - we work WITH you to FIT your life into your home. Preparing your home for sale - we repurpose and refresh You’ve seen the shows, you’ve read the books on decluttering, depersonalizing and adding those finishing touches. We’re the experts that work WITH YOU or FOR YOU to get it done - your level of cooperation is your choice Efficiency is key; professionalism is vital. 

Pack and Sort

You know that there’s much more to packing than “throwing stuff into boxes” There’s a savvy way to pack; we know all of the secrets (and yes we are happy to share!) WE are experts in packing AND WE USE TLC with our professional, organized system. If you are unpacking yourself, you'll know exactly where your favorite items are! No more post move stress! Partial packing or whole house, the choice is yours. Dreading packing the kitchen? Yes, we’ll do just that for you if you prefer! From the most delicate of fine china to recommendations for crating artifacts, we’ll be there. We sort items with you, your family member, or designated representative. When we unpack for you, you’ll find everything has its place and there’s a place for everything. 


Move and Ship

As FACILITATORS of the move we can introduce you to a moving specialist to meet your exact needs, or work with your favorite mover if you already have one. Movers LOVE working with us; we make their job much easier so that each job goes smoothly. They do the lifting, we lift your spirits! We really do MANAGE the move. Even if you can’t be there all day for the movers, we are. We make sure everything is taken care of as YOU wish. We will coordinate the entire process if you like, from beginning to end. Are you clear across the country from family and you want to send them family heirlooms? Yes, we take care of that too. 

Moving Management

From finding the perfect professional for your project, to following through after the move, this is where the MANAGER in move MANAGERS takes place. Have you ever been all packed up and left with a mess? Or moved into a new home and can’t get to your bed on the first night? We’ll make sure you are as cozy as you can be the day you are moved in! We serve the Naples/Marco Island/Bonita Springs areas. 

Our teams are experienced, friendly helpful, licensed, BONDED and insured. 

It’s more than just moving. Let us help. 

Our unique host of services allows you to handle your life while we handle your move

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