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Navigating the Emotional Toll of Downsizing

Moving to a new home can be a stressful life event in and of itself. But if the move requires serious downsizing, you may be facing a difficult life transition such as a divorce, an empty nest situation, or the death of a spouse in addition to parting with long-cherished possessions. The process of downsizing reinforces the reason for the transition, amplifying the emotional toll.

In fact, the sentimental attachment to a home and possessions that may represent decades of memories can be so strong that two-thirds of people decide not to downsize at all, choosing instead to remain in living situations that can become increasingly problematic. The good news is that once a downsize is complete, it represents a new beginning that many people embrace with hope and a sense of relief.

Fortunately, professional move managers can help. They are able to facilitate the downsizing process by developing an overall moving plan which includes sorting belongings and arranging for the sale of unwanted items. Your professional knows your area and has experience advertising and running a yard or estate sale. Wondering which items should be sold and which should be donated to charity? Your move manager can advise you.

In addition, a downsizing specialist can help diffuse any emotional tensions over the distribution of your possessions, making for a smoother and less upsetting process. They are available to mediate and offer emotional space between seniors and adult children if the need arises.

You may be looking at a time sensitive situation, such as a serious medical event, which necessitates a quick move. Downsizing is a huge task, and you may not have the time or emotional energy to tackle sorting through possessions in emergency circumstances. A downsizing specialist is ready and willing to handle any and all of your sorting, packing, shipping, and disposal needs.

Keep in mind that it’s best to downsize as much as possible before listing your home for sale. Any realtor will tell you that ‘decluttering’ your home will make it easier to show your property at its best and sell at the price you’re looking for.

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